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It is with pleasure and much excitement that Scott will permanently be joining the team. His knowledge and care of animals will be an additional asset for everyone.

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I have cared for pets my entire life. Even as child my mother was a breeder that always had a waiting list for our high quality, and well cared for dogs. I have always had dogs and cats and couldn't imagine life without them. I am not a professional trainer, but have done quite a bit of training with my own pets as well as others. I have experience with all sizes and ages of dogs. Currently my wife and I live with our 2 Olde English Bulldogges and a 17 (yes, 17) year old Shih Tzu. Don't let the beard fool you, I am a retired high school teacher, family man, and a big softie when it comes to animals!

I do have quite a bit of experience with senior dogs and cats as we currently are in the twilight years with our beloved Shih Tzu, Tabby, and she requires a specialized diet and medication. We lost our older Shih Tzu, Tucker, about 6 years ago when he was 15. To his last moment I cared for him and kept him comfortable and happy. We also lost our 19 year old kitty "Madame Fat Cat" (my son named her :-) ) just last year. Our hearts are not ready for a new kitty yet.

I would love nothing more, than the opportunity to care for your pets. I truly believe that giving them the opportunity to stay in their own home where they are comfortable is much less traumatic for them than going somewhere all new at the same time they are being separated from their human. I can visit as many times per day as you want and will not only care for feeding and poop clean up needs, but will take time to play with them, pet them and talk to them like they were my own. You can rest easy knowing your animals are in good hands in a place they are safe and comfortable. I am available most days since I am retired, and am available for 1 visit or a 1000. Contact me and we can set up a time for you and your pets to meet me.