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Summer Tips For Pets
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"Help Your Pet Stay Cool This Summer"

I found this article in a recent magazine and thought I would share all these great tips to keep our "kids" safe this summer.  For more information and helpful links go to abc15.com

"Summer in Arizona means triple - digit heat.  As we think about keeping ourselves cool, it's also important to remember our four-legged friends.  Summer is the time when pets are at the greatest risk of injury and heat related health problems.
As you know to never leave a child unattended inside a car during the summer, you may not know that in Arizona it's also illegal to leave your pet in a parked car.  In less than a half  hour on an 85 degree day, your car can quickly heat up to 120 degrees and cause severe heat stroke for your pet.
Kim Noetzel from the Arizona Humane Society has some easy and IMPORTANT tips on keeping pets cool this summer.
Watch fo signs of heatstroke that may include:
* Rapid Panting
* Hot or very warm skin
* Twitching muscles
* Dazed look
* Vomiting
* Abnormal or unusual whining
If you see any of these signs, call your veterinarian as soon as possible.  Put small amounts of cool water on your pet's groin, paw pads and head.  WRAP YOUR PET IN A TOWEL SOAKED WITH COLD WATER.  Remember, heatstroke can be fatal.
Inside tips:
*  Find your pet a cool place to relax
*  Keep the air circulating with a safety fan or air conditioner
*  Provide plenty of fresh water daily
Outside tips:
*  Provide a plentiful supply of fresh water daily in a spill-proof bowl.  Don't use a metal bowl.  Metal will heat up and cause the water to be hot.
*  The swimming pool is not a supply of drinking water for your pet.
*  Don't tie your pet up to anything.  They can get tangled up and die from heat exhaustion if they can't find shade.
*  Walk your dog during the morning hours only.  Street pavement and sidewalks can reach up to 160 degrees in the summertime.  If your pet does suffer burns on its "paw pads", use a cotton ball with some rubbing alcohol to help soothe the pain.  Avoid taking your pet for long walks and hikes during the midday or afternoon in the summertime".