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Serving Chandler, Tempe, Mesa since 2005
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Professional Pet Sitting in YOUR home since 2005.

 Presently serving Chandler, Tempe,  Mesa for petsitting in your home.  For those pets that need extra care - I am now offering petsitting in my home for senior and special needs pets.


Hello, my name is Karen Scherer and I started Loving Hands Pet Care in 2005 for 2 reasons.
First, my love of animals - young, old, big,small, 4 legged, 3 legged, hairy, hairless, slimy - WELL YOU GET THE PICTURE!!
Second, because I lost my "Little Man" Mingus, an 11 year old Chinese Pug.  He was diabetic for the last 9 years but lost his life to a tragic drowning accident and not his disease.

Why use a professional pet sitter?
+ Pets are happier and healthier in their own home environment.
+Eliminates trauma for your pet of being left in an unfamiliar place.
+Eliminates hassles of transporting your pet to and from a kennel.
+There is no exposure to other animals, sickness or parasites.
+Relatives, friends or neighbors will not be inconvenienced by your pet and the additional responsibilities.
+Gives you peace of mind, knowing that your pet will be cared for and your house will be looked after while you're away by a professional.



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